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To all Parents:

Should Johnny’s permanent teeth be coming in crooked like that?
Should I take Mary to an orthodontist because of all the spaces between her baby teeth?
What are these sealants I’ve heard about?
Do they coat the whole tooth?
Which teeth should they be put on?
Are they expensive?

These and many other questions people have are answered in my new book, “Your Children’s Teeth: A Parents Guide To Saving Money At the Dentist.” I call it a parent’s guide to saving money because the book is full of tips and advice about caring for your children’s teeth and nutrition that will help to avoid the early cavities that cause such a downward spiral of dental health during the years your child is growing up.

“Your Children’s Teeth” is available in either paperback or Amazon Kindle format. Invest in your child’s future dental health right now by clicking on the links below.  For only $11.95 in paperback (or $8.95 in Kindle format), this book is a no brainer.

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